About Edina In Hennepin County

Originally part of Richfield Township, the town of Edina was founded majorly by immigrants from Ireland who moved to America due to the potato famine. Located in the southwest section of the original Richfield Township, this town began as a refuge, like so many towns all over the country, as a place for settlers from Europe. In 1888, the residents of what was still known as Richfield Township decided to create their own community, and a transition began. The name was determined due to the strong Irish and Scottish ties of the community. As time continued in the town of Edina, it began to grow larger and larger until it became the diverse area it is today. With so many activities to do in the area and top ranked schools, Edina depicts the small town American life. Edina offers 44 parks, beautiful scenic pathways, and has been the home to many notable people such as Andrew Zimmern, Paul Westerburg, and Kirby Puckett. In addition, to being a great area to live, Edina also has access to a general contracting company that is able to meet all of the home improvements needs of the residents.

A Construction Company For You

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