About Blaine In Anoka County

Once upon a time, Blaine was apart of Anoka, a city in Minnesota. As of 1877, Blaine decided to become its own little town. Now, located in Anoka County, Blaine has a long history of change. Settled by an Irishman, the man settled near the lake in the area that’s now known as Blaine. The lake itself adopted a very Irish name of Laddie Lake in 1862. When the founder died, the residents of Blaine decided to move to Minneapolis. A few years later, the area was founded by an Englishman and residents began to flock to Blaine. With a community that was familiar with farming, the wetlands and sandy soil encouraged farmers to adopt survival tactics outside of farming, such as hunting, to survive. Now, Blaine is filled with a variety of activities to do once the highways were built, making it easy to get to the Twin Cities. If you enjoy going to attractive, cute towns, then Blaine is your next stop on the map.

A Construction Company For You

Blaine may have a beautiful lake and some great history, but does it have general constructors who are experienced and can replace your windows or repair your roofing and siding when storm season hits? You can bet it does! No matter the time of year, we’re able to repair your roofing or replace it if it’s been hit hard by the numerous storms. We provide siding as well, for when any storms rip off your siding or if another accident happens to your home. In addition, we offer replacement windows for a decent price and our general contractors are very knowledgeable about how to best capture natural light in your home. We strive to make your life easier by offering services that will make your home as lovely on the outside as it is on the inside. Check out some more of our services to see if we’re the right general contractor for you.