About Cottage Grove In Washington County

Located in Washington County, this small town is right outside of St. Paul. Cottage Grove sits on the northern bank of the Mississippi River and is considered almost like a suburb of the Twin Cities. Once upon a time, Cottage Grove was a rural township that produced wheat. The area is also known for its first creameries. Now, Cottage Grove is almost an extension of St. Paul due to the close proximity to the city. With a diverse community, Cottage Grove has land that is adjacent to the Mississippi River more so than any other area in the country. As a resident of Cottage Grove, you have the access to a construction company that’s able to meet your home repair needs.

A Construction Company For You

  • Has your home sustained storm damage?
  • Have you been wanting to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeled?
  • Is your roofing needing to be replaced?
  • Is the exterior siding on your home looking a little rough around the edges?
  • Do you want more energy efficient windows for your home?

If you’re nodding ‘yes’ to any of these questions asked, then it’s time you hire a general contractor who is able to meet your needs. At Evergreen Construction Company, we pride ourselves on offering a versatile assortment of home improvement services to ensure your home is in the right shape. When a storm has damaged your home, we’re able to come out at your convenience to repair the exterior siding. When you are wanting window installation, then we can help you with our newest technology for window installation. Our general contractors are professional, knowledgeable in their field, and prepared to meet the home improvement needs you want finished. For all of your home improvement needs, contact a general contractor today to begin on the path to remodeling or repairing your home.