About Lake Elmo In Washington County

This slice of paradise is Lake Elmo located in Washington County, MN. Lake Elmo became a little bit bigger when East Oakdale Township decided to join with the town in the 1950s. Initially, Lake Elmo was much more of a summer resort, than a town. With a beautiful lake and a decent distance from St. Paul, many people who spent time doing business in the city would head out to Lake Elmo. With a largely publicized resort in Lake Elmo, many citizens came down from the city to enjoy some relaxation time in the beautiful town. With a little town life, Lake Elmo had a commercial center of railroad stations and stores, with a gritty saloon to entice more people to come to Lake Elmo. Now, Lake Elmo is still a great place to come visit with a rich history. If you’re looking for a fun time in a great town with a beautiful lake, then Lake Elmo is a great place to stop on by.

A Construction Company For You

In addition to being home to a beautiful lake and some great residents, Lake Elmo also has access to a general contracting company. With a general contractor who specializes in roofing and siding, we’re able to make sure you’re covered accordingly from the stormy season to the winter one. We provide an assortment of services from gutter repair to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. When it’s storm season we know how to repair your roofing and your siding as soon as possible. We know how important it is to eliminate any exposure by repairing your roofing and siding quickly during any season. If you’re a resident of Lake Elmo, then we can provide you with many services to ensure your home is in tip-top condition. From roofing to gutter repair our general contractors will know how to take care of you.