About Shoreview In Ramsey County

A small town, Shoreview ranked as number four in Family Circle, a home magazine, as one of the best family towns. A family town filled with great history, Shoreview is located in Ramsey County and has grown rapidly in the last few decades. With dwellings tripling after the 1970s, this town has many new developments and redevelopments to allow the room for the population. If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, Shoreview is it for you. With two corporate offices and other large employers, you’ll be able to make a cozy little home for you and your family. In addition, there is a rich history of Native American tribes occupying the land, so there are lots of historical findings from the Dakota and Ojibwe. In addition, to being a family orientated town, Shoreview also has a great option for a general contractor.

A Construction Company For You

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered what could be better or wished that you had this or that to make it more beautiful? A construction company that specializes in roofing, and house siding, we also offer installation of new windows, repair of gutters, and the additions to your home including bathroom and kitchen remodels. If you’ve found yourself worrying about your house siding as storm season approaches or if you want to make sure your roofing is in great shape before the storms hit, then we can accommodate you with our services. Our general contractors are educated in their field, and strive to offer each of our clients the best service possible. When you come to Evergreen Construction Company, we’re able to help you design the home of your dreams or repair the issues that have been driving you a little nutty. If you want to enhance your home, hire a general contractor today.