About White Bear Lake In Ramsey County

Named after the largest lake in the area, White Bear Lake, is said to have a legend behind it to explain the origin of the lake’s name. It is said that a Sioux woman fell in love with a Chippewa man. The woman was the daughter of the Chief and knew there was a war being planned against the Chippewa. The Sioux woman told her lover and the man went to confront the chief to ask for peace. Before the wish could be granted, the Chippewa man had to do a brave deed. The tale goes that the man rescued the Sioux woman from a bear that was attacking her. The two died in the tussle and the spirit of the man and bear lives eternally in the area to this day. With a diverse history, White Bear Lake has been written about by many literary figures and continues to be a great place to live and visit. If you’re a resident of White Bear Lake, you also have access to a great construction company that can repair and construct any home or business in your area.

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