About Ham Lake

Ham Lake is a town located in Anoka County. The population is near 20,000 making it a comfortably sized town. With a rich history that dates back to 1855, Ham Lake got its name because the settlers during that time thought that the lake was shaped like a ham. The name Ham Lake seemed to stick over 100 years later and the area is now a well-known place in Minnesota. People who settled there found that the area was the perfect place to begin farming and thus more settlers came to the area to make use of the land. In modern times, the area was more focused in the dairy industry. Additionally, Ham Lake is centered around cities such as Columbus, Bethel, Andover, and Coon Rapids. It’s also not far from the Twin Cities, making it the best location to have many different roofing and siding companies at their disposal. Evergreen Construction Company is a roofing and siding company that caters to the gregarious people of Ham Lake. With great pricing and services that will improve your home, you can’t go wrong when you pick our construction company.

Hire An Experienced Roofing And Siding Company From Ham Lake

  • Is your roofing in your Ham Lake home leaking?
  • Are you thinking about a bathroom or a kitchen renovation?
  • Have you always wanted a deck to look out to your property?
  • Are you tired of your gutters becoming too clogged?

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